Aug 16 2009

Wandering Around Our New Webspace

Published by Byron at 1:54 pm under Up & Running News

I feel like a new homeowner walking around my new house for the first time! My web designer, Janet, owner of

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  1. I just want to give my testimonial that Byron is one of the best computer experts I have ever known! (and I know quite a few!) I have worked with Byron professionally since 2003 and always find him to be a delightful and interesting person both professionally and as a friend! I highly recommend his computer services, AND his friendship! Even if your computer isn’t broken and you just need help with linguistics, math, music, Elvish or philosophy, why not contact him? (oh, maybe I should stick with just recommending his computer services) :-) TWO THUMBS UP for Up-and-Running!

    By the way nice WordPress site, Janet! We are also using WordPress now at CSC, for our blogging and newsletters, and we might move our entire website over to WordPress soon!

    Here’s something interesting I found by Google, that you might like:
    “Matt Cutts from the Web Spam team at Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google”

    Elaine Lahey
    I.T. Director
    Community Services Consortium

  2. P.S. The above article was actually posted by Janet on Byron’s facebook. But it’s a good one for all to see, so back at you! ;-)

  3. Byron says:

    Aww, shucks … Seriously, thank you, Elaine. Praise from the praiseworthy is praise, indeed.